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Carbonless notebooks are typically used by students since they do need to hand in their own notes for a class but still need to keep a copy for themselves. By using carbonless notebooks, you can simply hand in your study work without taking your notebook apart and making copies. The original written copy can easily be tear off from the notebook while keeping the duplicate for your record. At EzeePrinting.co.uk, you can have your carbon copy notebooks personalized right according to your needs. It is no longer something that you have just picked up off store shelves. Get your carbonless lab notebooks in 2,3,4 or 5 NCR sets with thick sturdy cover and ring binding on top or left.


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Binding Options

Edge Glued at the top or side, Padding, Perforated Books with Wrap around Cover, Spiral Binding.




Paper Color : White, Yellow, Pink, Light Green, Light Blue

Paper: 20lb - 28lb carbonless paper

Printing: 1-4 color printing

Tear-to-piece line: can be horizontal, vertical, and can be with many lines

Binding: Tape or Spiral. 50-100 Sets/book, or as per demand.

Carbonless Notebook Printing



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