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Tear off door hangers are one of the most powerful 2-in-1 promotional item to get noticed in community and also to deliver important business information. They are basically a combination of standard door hanger and an additional perforated business card or a coupon on the bottom which your customers can easily tear-off and keep it for future use. Perforated part could be a coupon, free pass, business card or a promotional offer. Whether you need to market your company, an event you are holding or promoting a specific product, we can work with your existing artwork or custom design each tear off card product for you.


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Tear Off Door Hangers 



Variety of stock: 80-100lb standard card stock, Bleach card, Bux Board (coated and non-coated). Textured stock is available for your custom tea-off door hangers. Glossy paper stock is also an option for your Door hangers.

FREE Lamination: Choose from Glossy or Matte Lamination. Else order us UV coating on your custom door hangers.

Hole Size : Order us custom hole size. 65mm is usually used.

Foiling: Get Silver-Gold foiling on your door hangers. Many other colors of foiling available.Its good idea to get some text or logo foiled to highlight it.

Die Cutting: Get your Door hangers Die cut in any shape you like.

Perforation: Get your door hangers perforated for 1 or more tear off parts.

Tear off door hangers printing



3.5" x 8.5" Door Hangers with tear-off perforation

100 250 500 1000
 Total Price
$284.99  $314.99 
$379.99 $489.99



4.125" x 11" Door Hangers with tear-off perforation

100 250 500 1000
Total Price
$309.99  $329.99 
$429.99 $539.99


If you are unable to find the required specifications Click here to get a custom quote or ask our Live Support team.  You can also call us at 647-477-1791 for further assistance.

Our prices include: FREE Designing, FREE Lamination, FREE Shipping. NO hidden Charges or Fee !

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Product Details:

Tear Off Door Hangers As Promotional Tool.

Tear off door hangers could be a great tool for promotion. Especially when you need to focus on a specific community or a neighbor hood. It has long lasting impact of your promotion than any other way of advertisement like hand outs, billboards, stickers or other print media. People cannot resist giving a thought to your offers or announcements when delivered using tear off door hangers as they are found right at their door step.


Best thing about Rip off door hangers is that you do not have to hand it over or stick it on the wall to be noticed rather you hang them on the door knobs of your potential clients. You can do it any time with you ease. Unlike flyers or brochures, advertisement campaign carried through tear off door hangers, you do not have to stand and wait out side any community hall, school, college or an office. Tear off door hangers would rather greet your client’s right at their door step which is way more decent and graceful way of seeking their attention to what you are offering. They would be more than happy to contact you back using your tear off portion information containing your business information, contact details and other attractive incentives. Rip off portion could be kept by your clients for future use, which of course enhance the chances of returning customers.


Better results can be drawn from any campaign carried out using rip off door hangers if they are designed well. Eye catching designs and well aligned text would attract more. EzeePrinting.com offers free designing services of tear off door hangers with each order placed. Simply email us your text and logo and our professional graphic designer will layout your design with unlimited revisions.


Custom tear off door hangers with embossing, die cutting and foil stamping could improve chances of getting noticed and would give a unique and true effect and impression of your brand, ultimately making all your offers and promotion quite irresistible.


You should not hesitate if you have not used tear off door hangers before for your advertisement. They really would give you better and long lasting results than your expectation. Indeed they are worth giving a try.

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